Study Objectives

The following study objectives were established to accomplish the LCA Comprehensive Study goal and meet the national objectives. The study objectives set forth the specific items that would be accomplished in the study and report phase. Additionally, the study objectives laid out the specific methods of testing and validating proposed plans, the dates for study completion, and setting up the framework for securing programmatic approval.

1. Develop a Comprehensive Plan for the Re-establishment of Coastal Louisiana

  • » Provide a definition of the national significance of the resources at risk.
  • » Provide a defined set of coastal restoration goals and objectives.
  • » Provide a framework of plan features necessary to achieve restoration goals.
  • » Provide the relative value and cost of the described plan framework.
  • » Develop alternative plans to address problems and needs that achieve the restoration goals and objectives.
  • » Evaluate alternative plans and provide a rationale for a recommended plan.
  • » Identify additional future work needed to fully evaluate the effects of the plan and alternatives to the plan, to verify/validate/fully describe selection.
  • » To the maximum extent possible, provide definition of specific restoration features and their relative efficiency and effectiveness in achieving the defined goals and objectives.
  • » Promote and capitalize on the collaborative effort of Federal and state resource agencies.
  • » Strive for Regional and National consensus of restoration strategies.

2. Complete Chief of Engineers Report on the Comprehensive Plan Recommendations

3. Secure Programmatic Approval of the Comprehensive Plans

  • » Develop process for delegating conditional authority for approval of further study and construction of plan features.
  • » Provide for the involvement of other federal and state agencies in the continued comprehensive plan implementation effort.
  • » Demonstrate the national significance of Louisiana’s coastal land loss problem and obtain Congressional approval of the recommended restoration effort.
  • » Define the long-term Federal interest in restoring coastal Louisiana.
  • » Obtain widespread Federal agency support.