New Orleans East Land Bridge

Project Description

The East Orleans Land Bridge separates Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Borgne in southeast Louisiana. Two primary tidal channels connecting the two lakes are located on the land bridge. The area forms an important geomorphic boundary and has been identified as a critical feature in terms of wetlands and storm protection. Efforts focusing on restoring coastal marshes and preventing erosion in the area have become more involved in recent years.

In addition, the importance of the land bridge as a storm surge barrier and moderator in protecting New Orleans is well recognized. Future efforts to maintain natural storm buffers and to construct additional storm protection projects are centered on the land bridge as a key component in many developing plans. In addition, prior to Hurricane Katrina the area was home to a number of year-round and weekend residents that used the area for marine-based commerce and recreation. Recovery planning in the area is a topic of great importance to residents, property owners, natural resource managers and coastal managers and planners. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is assisting in many of these planning efforts through the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration study. As part of this effort, the USACE and partner agencies are establishing a data set of all relevant information about the East Orleans Land Bridge. These data sets include infrastructure, geotechnical reports, biological and ecological research, community data, and other pertinent reports or data sets. The intent of the data compilation is to provide a common set of resources for citizens, planners and managers to use in formulating future projects in a number of different fields ranging from coastal restoration, hurricane and storm protection, zoning, and community recovery. The collected information will be catalogued in a web-based library and geo-referenced components of the information will be made available in a Geographic Information System.