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folderMRHDM 23 October Meeting - Technical Fact Sheets 11-07-13Fact Sheets on the technical efforts underway
folderMRHDM 23 Oct 2013 Meeting - Technical Session Presentations 10-23-13Presentations from the 23 October LCA MS River Hydrodynamic and Delta Management Study Technical Session
folderState of the Coast Conference Presentations 06-29-12Presentations made by several teams members on the development of the LCA MRHDM Study
folderHomepage Docs 03-12-12Homepage Docs
Portable Document Format FileMRHDMS Presentation - Governor's Advisory Commission July 20141,168 KB07-23-14Diversion Sub-Committee Meeting Governor’s Advisory Commission on Coastal Protection, Restoration, and Conservation July 23, 2014
Portable Document Format FileMRHDMS Geomorphic Assessment Report37,313 KB07-09-14This report documents the geomorphic assessment component of the Mississippi River Hydrodynamic and Delta Management Feasibility Study. The overall objectives of the geomorphic assessment were to utilize all available data to document the historical trends in hydrology, sedimentation, and channel geometry in the lower Mississippi River and to summarize the local changes observed at locations where repetitive datasets exist and at key reaches determined during the study.
Portable Document Format FileLCA MRHDMS Models Performance Assessment Metrics and Uncertainty Analysis729 KB04-15-14Report describes the development of the metrics for assessing the model predictive performance component of the MRHDMS.
Portable Document Format FileMRHDM 23 Oct Public Meeting Overview Presentation2,371 KB10-23-13Overview of LCA Mississippi River Hydrodynamic and Delta Management Study
Portable Document Format FileUSACE Technical Note - A Simplified Analytic Investigation of the Riverside Effects of Sediment Diversions Sept 20131,874 KB10-23-13