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Frequently Asked Questions 

Portable Document Format FileJanuary 2005 Frequently Asked Questions269 KB02-11-10 
Portable Document Format FileJuly 2004 Frequently Asked Questions316 KB02-10-10 
Portable Document Format FileSpring 2004 Frequently Asked Questions325 KB02-09-10This fact sheet contains questions and answers updating the direction of the LCA study to the Near-Term focus.
Portable Document Format FileWinter 2003 Frequently Asked Questions384 KB02-08-10This fact sheet provides an overview of the LCA Comprehensive Coastwide Study and answers questions regarding funding, completion schedule, and the future of the study.

Project specific document libraries found below:
MRHDM StudyMedium diversion at Myrtle Grove
Terrebonne Basin Barrier Shoreline RestorationBarataria Basin Barrier Shoreline Restoration
Land Bridge between Caillou Lake and the Gulf of MexicoWhite Ditch
Gulf Shoreline at Point au Fer IslandConvey Atchafalaya River Water
Small Diversion at Convent/Blind RiverAmite River Diversion
Modification to the Davis Pond